Hi there! You stumbled unto this website because it was either shared to you by an acquaintance or perhaps it was just a mere coincidence, and now you’re wondering what it is about. 

My name is Ugonna, and I created this platform which was largely inspired by the little town I grew up in Nigeria to share and promote experiences and content for and by black women. This is dedicated to all young black women like me, anxious about what the future holds and trying to navigate daily living irrespective of societal limitations. This is a safe space. Welcome! 

Here are a couple of things to look forward to:

  • Wholesome content that range from interesting topics on feminism, fashion, art, music, tips on how to stay fly regardless, beauty, wellness, spotlight on women doing amazing things and all of that good stuff.
  • Discover awesome ‘dope’ music from black women around the world. We scout and go under the covers to deliver a 30 seconds snippet of great music to your doorsteps accompanied with a short bio of the artist. It is the most popular content within our community. It isn’t surprising at all because who doesn’t love great music?
  • Our physical and virtual events for and by women, D.I.S.K.O. Read all about the first one here.
  • Movies and Tv shows recommendations that feature a lead female character for your weekend viewing pleasure.
  • Job opportunities from companies looking to hire women in their establishment.
  • An incoming podcast.
  • And so much more…

For sponsorships, collaborations, donations towards our events, please send an email to ugonna@anowerribabe.com