Movie Reviews

Introducing our Lastest Column: A’s Movies.

Featuring movie reviews created by black female creatives (filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, actors, etc.)

When you want something, go for it. Take that chance and shoot that shot. The birth of this new column was because a chance was taken. The result of that action is this beautiful collaboration with Zulurang Kanwai who will be providing us with exciting reviews on films made by black female creatives. It could be one with a female lead on its cast or written, produced and directed by a black woman.

As a women-led digital publication that strives towards encouraging and empowering black women creatives by amplifying their work on this space, we believe that is another step taken towards achieving this goal.

So, I encourage you to sit back, follow the blog for regular updates and get the best movie recommendations here. Don’t forget to support a black woman today!

2 replies on “Introducing our Lastest Column: A’s Movies.”

I’m a writer and filmmaker as well. I’d really love to be a contributor in the A’s movies column. You can reach out to me via email if you don’t mind.


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