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…curating experiences for black women.

‘Inspired by the women before me, the women we have become and the women of the future.

Ugonna Eronini, Curator at AOB.

An Owerri Babe also known as AOB is a virtual space that curates content that promotes black women's achievements and experiences through fashion, art, music and feminist musings.

finance for black women, black women money, money, financial literacy

For this catalogue, our focus is on financial literacy, savings and investments for black women. It can be interpreted or linked to feminism and gender income inequality, cultural influences and other factors.⠀

We are interested in seeing essays and personal stories from black women, preferably financial experts in other regions and countries on how they have been able to earn and do more with their money.

*All submissions must be less than 1000 words. Articles that are a little longer than the 1000-word limit will be edited with the author’s permission to fit our requirements.⠀

*Submissions can be in the form of opinion pieces, how-tos, reported stories, personal essays, works of humour, illustrated narratives etc. Click here to submit.

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